10 June 2013

Studioflint is closing down and moving to a new format. . .

For those of you who check in or subscribe to the blog I'd like to invite all of you over to its newest online presence: www.joshuaflint.tumblr.com.  This blog will remain as an archive of my artwork, my thoughts, and an all around reference for my creative process, but will no longer be active.  Head over to the new site to see all new work, for up-coming events, and everything else from now on, including information on a new limited edition print that was just released!

See you there!

27 March 2013


A few recent paintings and the creative process.

The above painting is titled 'The Clearing', 30" x 40".  This is one of the few times I can point to a painting and say "that really came out effortlessly."  By 'effortlessly' I mean I knew exactly where to take the painting in each step regardless of what area I was working on, from the refined areas to the more expressive ones.   There can be plenty of toiling with a painting to get things to look 'right' to me; sections that are painted, repainted, fussed over, scratched off, and redesigned, until the 'right' combination of brushwork and subject appear. Those endeavors are certainly a part of the painting process.  This reworking builds a second narrative to a painting outside of the subject matter and often leads to unexpected results that can't be planned, ones that I learn so much from.  However, it is nice to be able to point to a painting that contains all of that underlying integrity and also unfolded so enjoyably.  

Thanks for checking in.

~ Josh

08 February 2013

RLS Video Review of 2012

This is a short video review of 2012 put out by Robert Lange Studios to showcase the great paintings that their artist's produced over the course of the year.  All the artists have a few pieces in the this visual whirlwind of paint.

I am continually excited by the art that is brought into the world by this tremendous set of artists. It makes me even more excited for this year.


30 January 2013

Upcoming Group Show

115-1/2 East Hargett Street, 2nd Floor - 
Raleigh, NC 27601 - (919) 838-6692

Friday, February 1st 2013
Opening Night Reception From 6 - 9 pm

Show will be up from Feb 1st - 25th 2013

celebrates the first 5 YEARS 
with a
5 ARTIST group show featuring:

Joshua Flint
John Gall
Will Goodyear
Wayne Trapp
Tisha Weddington

Thank you for all your support.
We look forward to seeing you
on Friday night.

If you are in the Raleigh, NC area go see a great diverse show of art on display at Adam Cave Fine Art.
The gallery represents regional, national, and international artists, photographers, and printmakers.

If you can't be there in person go check out the website: Adam Cave Fine Art.

I'll be showing a range of still life paintings, those are my floating dried roses in the middle of the set of images above.  These artworks are my way of developing technique, unlocking different ways to apply the paint, trying new color schemes, and just plain exploration.  They keep painting fresh for me as I work on larger narrative paintings.

 - Josh

15 January 2013

Happy 2013

Welcome to 2013, albeit I am probably a little late in that.  Regardless, welcome to the new year and thank you for dropping into my little corner of the internet. The year rolls on with a studio upgrade that is shown below.  No, not the bulldog but the wall easel I built behind her.  I got the idea from from an Alyssa Monks interview that also showed a couple images of where she makes her great paintings.  Her studio walls had 8' lengths of 2"x4"'s attached vertically onto the wall every few feet throughout the length of the wall.  On these lengths were round post holes drilled in every foot or so to hold the canvas in place, which can be moved based on the size of the canvas. It all seems very adjustable. Something I like as a painter. Give me options!!!

In my case here the length between the studs in the wall didn't permit the same type of system much to my chagrin, which would have been easier to build. As an old warehouse space the studs were measured every 4 feet. Meaning my wall easel system could only hold a painting larger than 4 feet, based on how the holes would have to be drilled into the vertical lengths.  My solution was: Create a series of cross braces, with the same accompanying post holes, to hold all manner of sizes since I don't paint large canvases very often.  This way the easel can handle small works like the 18" x 18" in the photos up to 6' x 6' canvases. I can then move the canvas up and down every eight inches to paint large areas more easily.  Or, if I am working on an area of detail and need the canvas at a certain height, it's now possible and more comfortable.   Is it fool proof?  Can it be adjusted to any situation?  Probably not, but I have to see what type of problems I run into as I use it.  Lastly, there is room for more cross braces further up the wall if I need it to hold a giant canvas.  

It is already proving to be very useful.  All in all it took maybe $50 for the wood (4) eight foot lengths of 2" x 4", the screws, a 1" drill bit, a 4' length of a 1"round dowel, and 12 L brackets. Not too bad.  I had a drill, a circular saw, and the extra wall paint to finish it off. 

Ms. Talulah guarding my painting space. 

The wall easel in full flow. 

Also, A few studies done in gouache. All are 8"x 6",  exploring color and its emotional content. 
If interested in purchasing one of these contact me at joshua@joshuaflint.com.

See you later. 

12 December 2012

Sloane Merrill Gallery

I am happy to announce that my artwork will be represented by the Sloane Merrill Gallery in Boston, MA. It is a new gallery with a great roster of artists in the Beacon Hill neighborhood. Head over with the above link to see the artists and learn about all they have to offer.  Better yet if you are in the area stop in and say hi to Ali, the Owner & Director, and Meghan, Assistant Director.  Below are two examples of the new mylar paintings they will have in the gallery. 

Both are oil on mylar, 17 " x 14".