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31 August 2006

Oil painting, 6x8 . . . .. . .. . today has been beautiful here in Portland!

29 August 2006

Everything about the geisha is very interesting. Both are goauche about 8"x10". The first is a detail just to show the nature of the brushstroke and layering.

24 August 2006

Getting a new sketchbook is always exciting. How exciting you ask? Well I had to go put a little oil painting on the front of my newest one. It will probably get scuffed away over time but so will everything. Ok sorry a little existential pondering alluding to our existence, I digress. . . . . . . have a look.

What does it say to you, cause that's what art is all about. My meaning is for me.

Nude figure study before i jumped in to do the oil painting. . . . I'll post the painting at a later time.

15 August 2006

So far everything that has been posted is from my sketchbook. I will also get into posting small oil studies as well. Some of these could pop up in the coming days, so make it a point to eventually get back to my little space here, in the vast world, of the internets.( I thank our president for that last term. )

I usually use all kinds of mediums and drawing implements in my sketches and I don't necessarily favor one thing above all else. But the color work, unless other wise stated, is gouache. I love the stuff.

As always your thoughts are beneficial. . . . . .

14 August 2006

As with most things in a sketchbook it is all about exploration and discovering something new. . . .always learning. Such an important aspect of art for me.

*My blog will slowly take shape and form over the coming weeks so check back to see more. thanks

13 August 2006

So the blog is up and firing ready to showcase the musings of my brain which is connected to the hand and flowing with these images. . . . . . whatever they mean and not.

Enjoy. Till next time. . . . . . formalities have been dispensed with.