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09 March 2011

Scooter and such . . .

As with last years show at Robert Lange Studios, I'll be showcasing a number of new urban paintings in color and monochrome palettes. In addition, I'll have a good bunch of gouache and oil studies. The subject matter and approach to the ideas are wildly varying. Here is part of them hangin on a wall in the studio. Not all are quite done. Even with these smaller (8" x 6" each for most) they still require me to get the idea out as best as I can, leave them for awhile, and then follow up with the final elements. A process very similar to a more involved oil painting. Most are done ( in the image below) but there are a few tweaks to some of them until they are ready for display. With all gouache paintings they'll be framed and matted with glass.

Here is a painting recently pulled off the easel, 12" x 12", oil on panel.

Lastly, the horse from the few previous posts needs a couple touch ups and then I'll post the final version.

05 March 2011

Equus, Pt. Deux

24"x15, oil on wood

The main horse is almost fully developed and other horse is getting a bit of work. The background is slowly coming together.
And look, I start painting animals and flowers grow from the easel! Aaaaahhhh, nature finds a way to reclaim everything.
If we only lived in a Pixar world.

04 March 2011


I've been playing with how I can frame the figure in an environment and how I want to simplify those visual elements. As with previous work, where I was exploring the movement of figures, here I've used the composition and the flat shapes in the background to impart some movement. Up close the figure is much more broken up with plenty of edges merging into the background, however, from a distance in appears more resolved or refined. That's the feed back I've received so far.

"This Isn't the Whole Story", oil on panel, 24"x12", available at Robert Lange Studios

Have a Friday!

02 March 2011