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12 April 2009

Yellow vs. Blue Show Collection

A big thanks to Robert and Megan for bringing in a great crowd on opening night this last friday, April 10th.
How do I know you ask? Well, I watched it via their webcam on the website. A lovely little touch that helps bring art into the modern age and allows those of us, who had work in the show but couldn't attend, a connection with the event. I watched for quite awhile and as an artist I just love people watching.

If you didn't make it, like myself, here is a look through the show, minus the crowds.


09 April 2009

New Website

Hey Everyone,

I have put up a new website. Got see it at
The new website will be a formal endeavor where only my paintings and show schedule will be posted.
But don't worry I will still keep the blog rolling, and it could possibly free me up to get a little crazier with my posts, here. Maybe I'll just start ranting about stuff, could be art related, could not. Who knows what's going to happen, now that this will be an 'inside the artist's studio' blog.

Anyways go check it out, it looks like this:

01 April 2009

Upcoming Show and Demo

Robert Lange Studios
151 East Bay Street
Charlseton, SC 29401

Final Painting, titled "While the Winter Waits":

My process and studio shots:

Hey All,
I am in a Group Show at the Robert Lange Studios in Charleston,SC. Opening Night is April 10th and will be up for a month. If you are in the Charleston, SC area or happen to be in this lovely city during the show dates go have a look. With 20 Artists showing, it will be an excellent event with a plethora of quality work on display. I have four pieces in the show including the above still-life demo. The theme of the exhibition was Yellow vs. Blue. This is my 'blue' contribution. A pair of Grand Central Station paintings will also be hanging. I encourage all of you to have a look at the website.