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27 July 2012

sketch pages

A few sketchbook pages today in gouache.  Some of these get framed up and sent to one of the galleries that represent my work. Others get sold directly from me. If any sketches catch your interest on the blog either now or in the future please email me at

Enjoy your friday.

19 July 2012

Study & Finish

 "Two Deer, study for The Reunion."  11" x 11, graphite & oil on mylar.

The top image is a preliminary study done for the painting titled " The Reunion," a 30"x30" on canvas.  In this particular case I have worked on mylar, a translucent plastic surface, that lends itself nicely to the touch of oil paint.  The surface responds to all manner of medium but in this study my choices were graphite and oil.  The combination allowed me to bridge the divide between the monochromatic graphite pencil and not go as far as a full blown oil painting.  It was this quality found in between the mediums that resulted in a newness of materiality and results.  A charm was created independent of either.   This painting and others can be viewed at Robert Lange Studios till the end of the month.  Jump on over and look through the show.

In addition to the more narrative work I also have a series of still-lifes that continue to enrich my painting practice.  They were initially started as a means of a break between larger paintings to work from life and expand my visual approach.  They've taken on a life of their own.  So much so that I had a nice write up by a collector/galleryist/designer from Toronto, Canada.  The author is discussing what she looks for in buying artwork and has three principles when considering a purchase. Nice personal account that can shed light on the word of art and commerce. Good food for thought. Here

Thank you all for leaving your thoughts in the comments section. I'm terrible at responding to each but that doesn't mean they aren't greatly respected because they are.  As always drop me a line if you have any questions.

Till next time.

06 July 2012

Show Opening Tonight @ RLS

A reminder that tonight my solo show is opening up at Robert Lange Studios in Charleston,SC.  I unfortunately will not be in attendance and thus will miss all the wonderful people who will be there. If you are in the area make your way over and look at the work.  Then come back and send me a comment, good, bad, or ugly.  Check them out on Facebook or even better go to the live cam on their website to watch the event from the comfort of your own home. It'll be from 5 - 8 pm EST.
RLS on Facebook

RLS website - go to the news and more section and click on the webcam and then the main gallery.

03 July 2012

Upcoming Solo Show

Solo Exhibition  

Joshua Flint: Push Your Boat Out
July 6th - July 27th, 2012

Opening Reception: Friday July 6th, 5 - 8pm 

2 Queen Street
Charleston, SC 29401

My new solo show was featured in the July issue of American Art Collector. Here is an interview and a few images about the new work. {You should be able to read the interview if you save the image to your desktop, might be a bit small on here, depending on your browser} 

All the work has been posted on the RLS website {Click the link above to jump over to the images.}
Or on my website.{Link on the upper right}

There will be more to come now that the paintings for the show are finished.  Normal service will resume with weekly postings on all processes of a visual artist.