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21 July 2009

New Paintings

I have added 8 new images to my urban scenes gallery on my website and 2 new images to the still-life gallery. All were a part of my recent one man show at the Cole Gallery.

The above is one of the new paintings titled "Freeze Frame" , 18"x24" oils.

Go have a gander:

I am in the process of packing up to move across the country to Raleigh, North Carolina.
So posts will be slow, but, hey, you all are use to that. . . as I have neglected this little blog recently.

Maybe I can get a post up before I drive out on Aug. 1st.

If any of you have thoughts on this part of North Carolina send them my way, I'd love to know what I am stepping into besides wicked humidity.

Till next time.

06 July 2009

American Art Collector Feature

I have been featured in a great magazine this month that highlights some of the works that will be on display at my Solo Show on July 16th, at the Cole Gallery. I talk about this current body of work and have a few thoughts in there about my painting process.

03 July 2009

Artists Who Teach

As an artist who teaches I have been asked to be included in a resource for individuals looking for art instruction.

The website provides a huge database of artists who give back through teaching at some level, whether its workshops, private institutions, seminars, or universities.

Go have a look at see if there is an artist who lives near you that could be a valuable resource.

I have had many great teachers and just other creative individuals that were willing to put up with my badgering them for art critique and instruction. So I figure I can pass on whatever miniscule art ability I have got, if it could be helpful.

I think I need to go back and hit up this website because I saw some truly impressive artists on the roster.

And please drop Leighann Foster a line and tell her thank you for creating such a unique resource. Besides teaching there are other helpful links as well.

02 July 2009

Informed Collector

The Informed Collector has picked me out as an artist whom collectors should know about.
I'd like to thank the nice folks over there for such a recognition.
Here is a nice summation about my paintings:

"Ah, the beauty of the moment! Exciting and provocative urban scene paintings that combine unusual angles, rich shadows and engaging movement. Seemingly mundane activates become beautiful poignant moments in the daily dance of life."
- Informed Collector

Go have a look through the other artists on the website:

Also, I will be starting to post new images on my website (soon) for my one man show coming up in mid July. I will make a notice of it here as well as put up some other randomness that should go on art blogs.

Thanks for dropping in!