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17 December 2008

Paintings Update

The Daring Act of Change_5.5"x10"

This Was The Point Of Everything_16"x10"

Time Travel_20"x16"

The Fulcrum Of Our Day_24"x30"

14 November 2008

Time For Change . . . .

I liked this illustration by Patrick Moberg, kind of puts things into perspective, visually. Discover tons of great artists, illustrators, and designers and other cool things at

Don't forget the Open Studio tomorrow night. Details of the event below. See you there.

07 November 2008

Two Grand Central Paintings

The Way We Orbit One Another_ 36" x 24"

We Pivot Like Constellations In the Sky_24" x 30"

I just dropped these paintings off at the Cole Gallery and they will be on display there, in addition to the small works show happening later this month on the 20th.

As always comments are welcomed.

03 November 2008

Cole Gallery Group Show

Here is a reminder for the Cole Gallery Group Show that I am going to be taking part in this month on the 20th. Denise Cole, the owner, is doing a great job advertising for the event in American Art Collector magazine. My painting of an apple titled 'The Promise of . . .' is featured on the bottom row, far left. Should be a really great exhibition with plenty of small works on display by a selection of fine artists.

Upcoming Event:

Cole Gallery
Small Works Show

Opening Night: November 2oth, 5pm-9pm.

28 October 2008

Many, Many Pounds. . . . . .as in British.

Lucien Freud paints people, has for decades. At 85 years young he is still at it, influencing modern figurative painters around the world. In May, a painting he did during the mid nineties shattered the current world record for the most expensive painting done by a living artist. It sold at Sotheby's for $35 million dollars. It's title is: Benefits Supervisor Sleeping. Ok, I'll give you time to pick your jaw up off the floor. Alright, you ready, I'll continue. However, you do have a little bit of drool that you'll want to clean up.

I too was floored to read about this. It may be old news for those on the forefront of what's happening in the World Art Market but it hit home for me as a painter perpetually fascinated, perplexed, stunned, annoyed, and every other negative and positive superlative in the dictionary that describes our efforts in life.

I feel figurative painting has been shunned by the vast majority of the art world for being concerned with only beauty and therefore presiding as more illustration than fine art. However, slowly it is finding its way back into being placed alongside the other leading areas of contemporary art which makes me extremely happy to see. Not for the price paid but for the subject matter and medium.

Below is a portrait done by Freud in 1947 of his first wife, which is also brilliant.

19 October 2008

New works underways . . . .. . . ..

I have been cranking on some new work in preparation for a group show in November. Since I got nothing to show for it as of yet I figured I would put up a shot of some sketches. Possibly future paintings. Two new works will be posted by the end of the week.

I am continuing with my Grand Central Station series and so far they have been well received. Thanks for having a look and for all the support.

19 September 2008

More "New" NY Paintings

Dreams of Near and Far_24"x24"

Although most of this series focuses on movement and the quality of light, the top painting certainly has more of a story to it than the others. So far the palette I have used throughout this collection of work has been a totally new range of color and color combinations, and might be what's excited me the most. The painting below is the largest in the series to date.

New York in April_30"x40"

16 September 2008

Children's Cancer Association

I was asked to contribute a piece of art for a fundraising event put on yearly by the Children's Cancer Association. First off, I was flattered to be recommended as an artist for the event, and excited to be contributing in any way possible to a terrific cause. The theme for the event was Magic Carpet Ride. My work isn't a direct correlation to this theme but alludes to the creativity that children have in abundance. I think getting lost in one's imagination can have therapeutic qualities and are of great use when faced with difficult times. I used my niece as a model for the image and I think it turned out nicely for me. Hopefully, it will help contribute to the much needed funding to provide for these children and their families.
Some of the drawings are hers and I added one in as well, plus I scribbled in the CCA logo which I felt went with my idea.
This is oil on board and 18"x24" in size.

And framed:

to learn more go to:

06 September 2008

New Stuff

Apercu Series:

I have always been drawn to train stations, by the comings and goings. Peoples lives intersecting but never touching. Everyone using the station as a temporary portal to their eventual destination. A state of impermanence. A transitory phase. A dot in a string of dots that forms our path, everyday. We see glimpses, blurs, and snapshots of these commuters, travelers, and passengers. Everyone is in motion, constant motion.
Grand Central Station in New York is a vast chamber that oozes a sense of history. 500,000 people go through Grand Central everyday. It is a place that marks a persons path not the destination. The immensity of this cavernous room keeps the air heavy and the light dim. As if it is swallowing up the light that is trying to bring clarity to the passengers. That is, until they cross the shafts of light cascading from the ceiling. These beams create a striking contrast to the surroundings. Everyone gets a chance to be illuminated, much like life, as they traverse this enormous building. Even if it is for a brief glimpse.

*Apercu | aper soo |
A comment or brief reference that makes an illuminating or entertaining point.

Hurrying Home_24'x30"_oil on canvas

Like someone caught in prayer_22"x28"_oil on canvas

Remember me as a time of day_16"x20"_oil on board

The grand entrance_12"x16"_oil on board

Life floods the concourse_12"x16"_oil on board

These are some of the paintings I recently displayed at a solo show at the Astoria Fine Arts Gallery. This isn't the entire series, and I have two more pantings from the exhibition that I will post later next week, plus a few others I am still working on. In addition to this set, I also displayed the Life's Not Still Series which I had previously posted.

In the last month or so I have had two shows, one solo and one group exhibition, in two different cities. I have run a workshop in conjunction with the first solo show. I have contributed to a fundraiser and will be donating a painting to the Children's Cancer Association next week. So all in all it's been wildly hectic. I will add details of these events soon.

Thanks for checking in! More news and events to follow.

21 July 2008

What Happens Between Daylight and Dusk

Here are a couple of pictures from my studio window the other night at sunset.
Have tons of work in progress for a series of shows coming up in August and September.
When they are polished up I'll post em. . . . should be soon.

30 June 2008

More not so Still-Lifes

Here are two more pieces that will be in my show in August at the Astoria Fine Arts Gallery.
Both are 12"x12", oil on board.

Over the month of July I will be putting up more and more of the work that will be in the show.
There will be a series of the Life's Not Still paintings and a series of work focusing on urban scenes, but the focus will be on the people not the city.

Come check it out when you are on the coast.

19 June 2008

Venus. . . . .

. . . .of Willendorf. Not all paintings are done for galleries and collectors, sometimes they are just to play with ideas. Some see the light of day others get painted over. . ..

This piece was my way of exploring history and an ancient object, with specific thoughts on how valuable things get lost all the time and rise again to the surface.

I'll be putting up new work that will be in featured in my show in August.

17 June 2008

August Show

I'll be having a show on the coast in conjunction with the workshop I will be teaching in August.
The Astoria Fine Arts Gallery has established itself as a great coastal gallery in a short time and I am excited to work with them.

Opening Night is August 9th from 5pm-9pm. The workshop will be Aug. 9th and 10th.

To sign up for the workshop go to

Asian Pear

Here's another in the Life's Not Still Series. This was the first one I did, not entirely sure why I never put it up. There has been a clear progression, which is good to see.

I just finished a few more still-life's so they will be up soon, plus more genre scenes.

03 June 2008


Here's a new one for June . . .as in June gloom season in Portland. Ok its not all that bad, but we could use a bit of the summer time vitamin D rays.
This one is 24"x36" oil on canvas. What can I say, I like the back of people's heads?!
I am doing a new series of paintings dealing with mostly interiors, public places, focusing on the movement of people and light.

Summer event:

On August 9th and 10th I will be conducting a workshop in Astoria on the Oregon coast.
I'll be focusing on a variety of subjects and methodologies in oil painting, as well as showing my approach. There will be a demo each day and I'll provide instruction and critique on a variety of topics. I will post the schedule and a link on the blog as soon as possible. Sign up will be kept to small number of participants, somewhere between 10-15. If you are interested and would like details please come back and check the blog for more info. Contact/Sign up info will be posted later this week.

27 May 2008

I like This . . . . I don't like that. . . .

I have enabled my blog spot to handle comments from anyone, not registered bloggers and those patient enough to register, just to comment. which I have done so i know what a pain it can be.

Let me have it.

Tell me what you like or don't. All the feedback is helpful and appreciated, and will be read.

And as a reminder, the header and footer images are examples of my illustration work that will be unveiled later on in June.

thanks for your support.

24 May 2008

Golden boy

Here is a little, 7"x14", portrait. . . . Other paintings are in the works.
Thanks for checkin in.

As a reminder you can subscribe to my blog and the updates will automatically be sent your way, so you can all be lazy and not continually click refresh because you think I might post something.

19 May 2008

Heads Up

Just a little insight into the new monthly header and I've also added, a footer image to the blog. . . . . oooh! impressive huh!

They are both digital and look like some of the t shirt designs I have been making, although I doubt these two will ever be seen on 100% preshrunk cotton. Those designs should be unveiled soon and t-shirts will be made available.

The blog has been a bit slow as of late but I've been to New York, Bermuda, and San Fran all in the last month, which means I' ve had less time in the studio to paint.

Some new images should be popping up in the next couple of days.
thanks to everyone who looks at my blog . . . which is joe Cross, see his link to the right.

16 April 2008

Life's Not Still . . . .

More fruit 'portraits' . . . . I just got back from Bermuda and New York City, still getting into the swing of things.
I'll give a run down of what I saw and a little insight into the art that I checked out, talk about stimulating the brain, it was brilliant.

more more more soon.

01 April 2008

Life's Not Still cont.

Here are a couple more fruit 'portraits.'
As I paint I remind myself of the fruits' origin and its life cycle. . . . .
. . . . . eventually the skin of the fruit reminds me of a human's skin, which is another analogy that helps me push beyond the mundane.

Then they are my snacks when I am done.

29 March 2008

Life's Not Still

Life's Not Still: A Series Begins.

As we swing further towards spring,
and I yearn for sunshine and warmth,
and its accompanying abundance,
when everything blooms and brightens,
I have been painting fruit.
Yes, . . .fruit!?

I've needed to work from life for a while now and it has been refreshing.
So, I've set out to bring a new twist to a classical subject.

I have been trying to make a fairly static object breathe with life.
A piece of fruit ripens and withers over time, even after its plucked from a tree; so it is changing in front of our very eyes, like humans. An apple lives, dies, embodys centuries old symbolic ideas, and has been a mainstay in still-lifes as long as painting has been around. With this concept in mind, I want these little portraits of fruit to embody those thoughts, and to be just that, intimate personal portraits.

Here is my first attempt at this new series.
The fruit will be kept lifesized in my paintings and thus the canvases will all be quite small as well.
This first one is 6"x6".

Give me feedback about the paintings or your insight in to fruit.

I'll be posting more later this week so check back in, then I am off to NYC, then Bermuda for a wedding, then back to NYC! Should be fun.

14 March 2008

Nouvelles Peintures

A little still-life, 16"X20" on gessobord™. It was nice to work from life and deal with changing lighting conditions. I had to work with a sunset over the course of two evenings, then finish it from memory. The chinese horse is a two hundred year old replica of a thousand year old original. Whoa! I lugged this 30 lb. thing all the way back from Shanghai. It was an unbelievable gift from a great family who I befriended on my trip. If they happen upon the blog I want to say thank you again for the gift. It is a proud reminder of travel, friendship, and ancient art. The flowers are Camelias, from a truly lovely woman's garden. The hand carved wooden chess pieces are from a set I bought when Kracow, Poland years ago. Sort of an international flair to this painting.

As for the old man painting, which is also 16"x20" on gessobord™. I have continued my theme of little genres scenes from my China trip from a few years ago. There are bird sellers/owners who take their birds to market or take them out to the parks each day. They carry them one on each end of a stick. I envisioned this old man from the outskirts plodding into a more urban area. Really more of a vignette, as opposed to an entire scene. This painting has some parts invented, others from memory, all rolled together with my reference. These genre scenes let me connect to a world wholly different from mine and it allows me to reflect on my existence and what I am doing here, in Portland. Perhaps in a way I wouldn't have otherwise.

Thoughts are always welcome. Keep checking in for more work. There will be other visual ideas on here besides the fine art. I am working on a line of illustration based t-shirts with a friend and will post the original illustrations on here in the near future. Then later on the designs as they appear on the tees. Plus other random imagery.

03 March 2008

Art Lookers

Couple of new paintings for the beginning of March . . . . I can't believe it's already March!

Both are keeping with painting smaller canvases and moving through a ton of ideas faster. The scale allows me to constantly make subtle changes in my approach to each idea, and see the outcome without a whole lot of fuss.
Each one is 12"x16".

19 February 2008

Wanderlust Paintings

people, places, things,
double back on themselves.

the unconsidered,
the over considered,
those not unearthed.

From what it once was,
to what it shall never come.

All of these paintings are oil on board and 11"x14" if you cared to know, (some people want to know that kind of stuff, so there you have it.)

I have been thinking about travel lately, so these go some way to placating me, since I can't right now.

09 February 2008

It's 2008!

Things are rolling along and I be putting up new paintings soon! . . . . . . . . and some other stuff.