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15 November 2012

Mylar paintings 1

Doing a series of oil paintings on mylar sheets. It's a very nice surface, the paint really slides around and makes it unpredictable for more spontaneous handling of the paint.  Has been harder to get it to do what I want, which has forced me to really be connected to the image.  

Subject matter wise, a horse and rider and a woman with a boat will be two main elements in a few larger oil paintings. As you will see I have done some develop and may not be over with finding the right motif. More to come. 

09 November 2012

November Open Studios, a thank you.

I wanted to thank all of you who came out to the Open Studios event and passed through my studio. 
It was great to be around and talk with many other creatives, and of course, those of you who keep the lights on for us artists, the collectors.  It seemed to be another tremendous turnout.  I look forward to next year. 

For those of you who grabbed my card and were interested in the smaller works (like above) or for information on upcoming prints or larger originals, please email me at:  

The two pieces here are are oil on mylar.  They are nice small dramatic works in an of themselves but will also serve the creation of large oil paintings. It was nice to display this type of work that often goes unseen.

Check back for more of these types of paintings in the very near future. 

Thank you all for stopping in,