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27 May 2008

I like This . . . . I don't like that. . . .

I have enabled my blog spot to handle comments from anyone, not registered bloggers and those patient enough to register, just to comment. which I have done so i know what a pain it can be.

Let me have it.

Tell me what you like or don't. All the feedback is helpful and appreciated, and will be read.

And as a reminder, the header and footer images are examples of my illustration work that will be unveiled later on in June.

thanks for your support.

24 May 2008

Golden boy

Here is a little, 7"x14", portrait. . . . Other paintings are in the works.
Thanks for checkin in.

As a reminder you can subscribe to my blog and the updates will automatically be sent your way, so you can all be lazy and not continually click refresh because you think I might post something.

19 May 2008

Heads Up

Just a little insight into the new monthly header and I've also added, a footer image to the blog. . . . . oooh! impressive huh!

They are both digital and look like some of the t shirt designs I have been making, although I doubt these two will ever be seen on 100% preshrunk cotton. Those designs should be unveiled soon and t-shirts will be made available.

The blog has been a bit slow as of late but I've been to New York, Bermuda, and San Fran all in the last month, which means I' ve had less time in the studio to paint.

Some new images should be popping up in the next couple of days.
thanks to everyone who looks at my blog . . . which is joe Cross, see his link to the right.