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27 December 2011


Searchlight - 8"x8" - oil on panel

Lucent Atmosphere - 8"x10" - oil on panel

12 December 2011

03 December 2011

Green Hill Center for NC Art Winter Show

The 2011 COLLECTOR'S CHOICE & WINTER SHOW at the Green Hill Center for North Carolina Art opened up this past weekend. I was invited to show a selection of still-lifes which are below. The event is quite popular. It would've been fun to be there to see all the work on display. However, I am in Oregon, and by proxy or default or dumb luck I was asked to contribute even as a (now) out of state artist.

All of these are 12"x12" or smaller and their details can be found at my website.

If you are in the area go see the show on display from December 3rd, 2011 to January 15th, 2012.

Green Hill Center for North Carolina Art
Greensboro Cultural Center
200 N. Davie St.
Greensboro, NC 27401

Phone: 336-333-7460
Fax:  336-333-2612

27 November 2011

More simplicity

Behind Winter's Veil, 10" x 10", oil on linen

Heavy in the Sweet Air, 8" x 8", oil on linen

While I am working on a few commissions I continue to work from life. . . provides balance and creates discoveries. They feel honest when I work on them. Just me and a simple piece of fruit.

10 November 2011

Small B&W

Distant Terrain 7" x 5" Oil on Panel It is amazing how paintings come together or in this case not, or really not very easily. This tiny piece is a culmination of a months effort off and on. Painting, letting it dry, repainting, wiping out parts that didn't work while keeping areas that I felt were resolved. It's based on a real statue, this type of imagery is present in many cultures, but is not a copy. The environment, the plinth it stands on, and the lion itself are all resolutions found while painting and not predetermined. In saying this I think it has a quality I couldn't find if it was a direct interpretation of an actual object. Also if anyone knows why the NEW blogger is absolutely crap for formatting, please let me know. Is it my machine? Can I utilize the older version? If anyone has an idea please drop me a line in the comments section. Or I might have to get rid of the blog or switch to another blogging program. Much thanks.

04 November 2011


"A Wheel in Time" - 14" x 11" - Oil on Panel
"Touching Distance" - 8"x 8" - Oil on Linen I got nothing. Enjoy your day.

27 October 2011

Kicking off next Friday will be a group show at RLS. Since I moved across the country my life has been a bit hectic, so my painting is getting in just under the wire for the show. Judging by the above images of the work there will be great paintings in abundance. I believe a preview of the show and most images are up at the RLS website if you are interested. The theme revolves around fortunes found in fortune cookies. As we all know some are banal others poignant, many very literal, with other fortunes more ephemeral, making a translation to a visual medium (like painting) more complicated. I'll be as curious as you to see the artist's work and their fortune. I'll post my image when I can, should be soon. Thanks all.

31 August 2011

Sometimes these things take awhile . . . .

Thanks for bearing with me here at Studioflint. I have moved from Raleigh, NC back to the lovely, albeit more overcast, Pacific Northwest and to Portland, Oregon. As it was my home two years ago I am very familiar with the city. It feels good to be back. The new studio is just about set up and I should be posting on the blog regularly. Newest piece sent out to Robert Lange Studios before driving 3000 miles. Symphony, 48" x 36", oil on canvas
This is a head drawing . . . done for fun and traded for other original art.
The title of the post reflects the bizarre nature of creativity and how 'Symphony' went unfinished for a couple of years. I left it hanging in my house while I looked it over many times, wondering what was the 'right' way to complete the narrative. I think the painting needed space to breathe, not to rush it, and let the idea marinate till it was ready to pop out. One of those situations that taught me about the importance of patience and risk.

27 July 2011


from the sketchbook. . . . . . . . more updates (with paintings) on the way.

17 July 2011


Article on group show at RLS:

How'd they do that (my title, not the articles)

Have a look at the show,RLS, and see many varieties of approaching color harmonies, color relationships, and color mixing used to create a piece. In some cases a few artists have multiple paintings and their corresponding palettes.

Looking at these provides insight into working processes, problem solving , and visual literacy.

10 July 2011

July Group Show

Coming Up!

July Group Show at Robert Lange Studios

Opening Reception:
July 15th 5:30 -7:30PM

As part of the Palette and Palate evening, where top restaurants come together with great galleries across Charleston. Sounds Delicious! My question is, are the pantings made of marzipan? I guess there is always next time.

The show structure pairs the paintings with the palettes used to create the piece. A few examples are below, mine's top.

Expanded roster exhibition so make sure you have a look at the variety of work on display. Use the link at right to go to the RLS website.

07 July 2011

Where are you looking?

Sketch for a painting . . . a painting that may or may not get done. And this will be piled on the scrape heap of art history, my own personal art history.

Back from vacation, go have one yourself if you can. . . .does wonders.

21 June 2011

Make . . . .

. . .Believe.

Funny how I may start with reference for a painting. Then through twists and turns of the creative/painting process I end up abandoning the ref for my imagination. Things get pushed and pulled with the paint. Layers get applied, layers get scraped off, areas dry and then I try to leave the marks that don't need to be adjusted. This painting is consistent with that description. Really just searching for the "right" paint application.

Night Points east, oil on panel, 7"x5"

15 June 2011

09 June 2011

Solo Show Coverage

Here are a set of pics from the opening of the show. Since I don't have a smart phone, like the rest of the world, or have a Facebook page, like the rest of the world, or use Flickr, like whomever, I put them on the blog. Lacking all of this stuff means I couldn't post images as the event was happening. I know we are all so use to the 25 hour news cycle and everything on demand and instant food but its not in the Studioflint's budget, both time and money, to get my media outlets modernized, yet. Maybe at our next board meeting we can discuss these upgrades and have them in place for the fall. Woo hoo, exciting times coming ahead.

Anyhow, enjoy the pics and thanks for dropping by.


To explain a few things:
- The small gouache (opaque watercolor) paintings are the ones clustered together and framed behind glass. I usually have a set of smaller works that provide a wide range of subject matter.
- At the end of the night artists sign the door; so me and the two musicians etched our names next to many other talented individuals.
- I'm laughing because its 95 and humid and I am melting towards the end. Oh we suffer for fashion, its not just you ladies.

(All photos courtesy of Robert Lange Studios. There are many more covering the show on their website:
Show is over and its on to the next paintings/shows and back to the studio. I'll leave you with an imaginary head painting/ experiment. The head is oil on paper.

02 June 2011

Today . . . .

. . . head over to The RLS Super Blog as the paintings gets hung for the show. There will be pics of all the works in the gallery today and throughout the weekend covering opening night. So far they have a collection of my small gouache paintings up on the wall. (Please use the link in the updated links section at right). All the artists from the gallery use this blog to post works in progress, finished paintings, and other musings of being an artist. Good resource.

My website has been updated with all the work for the show:
If you want to see the paintings in more detail, I'd head over there at some point by using the links section.

Enjoy your weekend!

30 May 2011

The Past Is Prologue

A reminder for my show opening up this friday. Head over to Robert Lange Studios by clicking here to see the images. All paintings will be posted on my website this Wednesday.

Here's a painting from a series of statues that will be in the show.

The Past Is Prologue, 24" x 15", oil on panel

24 May 2011

Solo Show

American Art Collector feature on my solo exhibition:
Joshua Flint:Invisible Cities

New Paintings will be posted on my website next tuesday and a few more will be posted here towards the build to the show.

Thanks for dropping in.

11 May 2011


Here's a process breakdown of a painting for my upcoming show at Robert Lange Studios in Charleston,SC.
Opening night is June 3rd. Still working on getting the last few pieces completed.

- Quick vine charcoal sketch:

- I pour out shellac over the sketch and smooth it around with a business card or squeegee. It doesn't need to be one perfect layer. The varied drying times in different sections of shellac adds a varied layer of texture and opacity. This stage mimics the traditional layer of glaze one might use with oils without the drying time. The shellac is dry in 10 minutes or less. It also blurs and smudges the charcoal drawing underneath in a spontaneous manner. That sense of spontaneity is exciting and the results can't be totally controlled. I like that.

- Then the oil painting caps off the piece. As with any of my works there are multiple layers of paint built up. That furthering layering of paint also has its own narrative in addition to the subject matter. Sort of a bad photo with this last stage.

As Yet Untitled , Oil, Illustration Board mounted on panel, 15"x10"

I do read the comments when they are left on the blog. I apologize if I haven't thanked those of you for dropping in recently. I always like to hear how others react to my work. So a massive thank you to those who left a message.

02 May 2011

Docs and Pods

If you are like me and need something to listen to in the studio as background noise, while working on your painting, these couple of links could provide just the tonic.

A slew of art documentaries covering all genres and time periods in art history. I'd recommend anything by Simon Schama and also The Art Of The Steal, which is getting press lately as events continue to unfold. You'll know what I mean when you watch the doc. Many more in the list to pique your interest I'm sure. New favorite site.

Streaming Online Art Documentaries

I'm also very interested in hearing about the narrative of an artists life but get bored with critics or writers telling these stories. I want to hear from the artists and get it right from the horses mouth, so to speak. Often these artists were doing representational work in the height of modernism in the 50's and 60's and experienced real rejection by the art world. The Newington-Cropsey Cultural Studies Center was established in 1990 by The Newington-Cropsey Foundation as an interdisciplinary educational resource for art and ideas. It put out this series of podcasts, following the link below.

NCCSC Podcasts
(Be aware that not all podcasts listed after the jump are available in iTunes. So, right click and highlight 'download linked file' to your listen on your CPU or just click the 'listen' link and you will be directed to an online player. Mac users use the option button.)

Although a podcast hasn't been done for a year, there are a nice collection of hour long (roughly) conversations with artists. A few highlights would be Milton Glaser, Burt Silverman and William Bailey who is the Kingman Brewster Professor Emeritus of Art at Yale. Certainly a few luminaries in the representational world of art. Quite frankly I didn't know much about some of these artists but I guess you can never know everything, unless you are Donald Trump.

If you want to hear a 45 minute discussion from the living master that is Antonio Lopez Garcia head over to The American Video Painting Magazine. It may cost a few bucks, $10 exactly, but you get his interview and another hour or so of painting content.

AVPM Downloads

I'll leave you with a new painting for my upcoming June Show at Robert Lange Studios.

Dusk's Gold Filigree, 36"x18", oil on panel.