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31 August 2011

Sometimes these things take awhile . . . .

Thanks for bearing with me here at Studioflint. I have moved from Raleigh, NC back to the lovely, albeit more overcast, Pacific Northwest and to Portland, Oregon. As it was my home two years ago I am very familiar with the city. It feels good to be back. The new studio is just about set up and I should be posting on the blog regularly. Newest piece sent out to Robert Lange Studios before driving 3000 miles. Symphony, 48" x 36", oil on canvas
This is a head drawing . . . done for fun and traded for other original art.
The title of the post reflects the bizarre nature of creativity and how 'Symphony' went unfinished for a couple of years. I left it hanging in my house while I looked it over many times, wondering what was the 'right' way to complete the narrative. I think the painting needed space to breathe, not to rush it, and let the idea marinate till it was ready to pop out. One of those situations that taught me about the importance of patience and risk.


Elizabeth said...

Welcome back to P-town.

Amanda Bilson said...

Hi Joshua,

Absolutely love Symphony. Excellent painting with so much atmosphere.

sarah collins said...

awesome, welcome back! went to terrance's open studio this weekend and overheard you've returned. i had to double check to make sure.