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27 July 2011


from the sketchbook. . . . . . . . more updates (with paintings) on the way.

17 July 2011


Article on group show at RLS:

How'd they do that (my title, not the articles)

Have a look at the show,RLS, and see many varieties of approaching color harmonies, color relationships, and color mixing used to create a piece. In some cases a few artists have multiple paintings and their corresponding palettes.

Looking at these provides insight into working processes, problem solving , and visual literacy.

10 July 2011

July Group Show

Coming Up!

July Group Show at Robert Lange Studios

Opening Reception:
July 15th 5:30 -7:30PM

As part of the Palette and Palate evening, where top restaurants come together with great galleries across Charleston. Sounds Delicious! My question is, are the pantings made of marzipan? I guess there is always next time.

The show structure pairs the paintings with the palettes used to create the piece. A few examples are below, mine's top.

Expanded roster exhibition so make sure you have a look at the variety of work on display. Use the link at right to go to the RLS website.

07 July 2011

Where are you looking?

Sketch for a painting . . . a painting that may or may not get done. And this will be piled on the scrape heap of art history, my own personal art history.

Back from vacation, go have one yourself if you can. . . .does wonders.