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14 November 2008

Time For Change . . . .

I liked this illustration by Patrick Moberg, kind of puts things into perspective, visually. Discover tons of great artists, illustrators, and designers and other cool things at

Don't forget the Open Studio tomorrow night. Details of the event below. See you there.

07 November 2008

Two Grand Central Paintings

The Way We Orbit One Another_ 36" x 24"

We Pivot Like Constellations In the Sky_24" x 30"

I just dropped these paintings off at the Cole Gallery and they will be on display there, in addition to the small works show happening later this month on the 20th.

As always comments are welcomed.

03 November 2008

Cole Gallery Group Show

Here is a reminder for the Cole Gallery Group Show that I am going to be taking part in this month on the 20th. Denise Cole, the owner, is doing a great job advertising for the event in American Art Collector magazine. My painting of an apple titled 'The Promise of . . .' is featured on the bottom row, far left. Should be a really great exhibition with plenty of small works on display by a selection of fine artists.

Upcoming Event:

Cole Gallery
Small Works Show

Opening Night: November 2oth, 5pm-9pm.