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15 October 2007

October Show

I have a three man exhibition up this month at the Lawrence Gallery in Portland, with two of my good friends, Mark Bailey and Terence Gasca. We all had ten paintings on display and overall it was a really good show.
Here is the work I have on display minus one that was a work in progress, I hope to get it up soon, but for now the most important things are the paintings. The blah blah blah about the event will come later.

'Geisha Portrait Traditional' 12"x12"

'Geisha Portrait I' 12"x12"

'Geisha Portrait II' 11"x14"

'Geisha Profile' 16"x20"

October Show Continued

'Geisha Portrait Informal' 16"x16"

'Geisha Portrait Formal' 16"x16"

'Theatre I' 36"x48"

'Theatre II' 36"x48"

'Theatre III' 36"x48"

01 July 2007

Digi - Sketch

This one is a work in progress, it will be reposted in the future, in a grander scale.

04 April 2007


"Two posts in a week", you say, . . . . what's got into you Josh?, you ask. "Have the stars aligned, is it a leap year, is the earth going to end?" All are likely scenarios. "Is that what has caused you to put up not one, oh no, but two, yes, two new things going on at Studioflint in the same frickin week?!" "Is it Christmas or have I won the lottery, for such great events to happen." you retort. I reply, with a sly smirk on my face," no, however, if these things happen it still wouldn't get me to elaborate on what I have been up to." So, instead of blah blah blah, I will proceed to keep the lights on here at Studioflint, so you can all see what has been happening, and in some cases not, maybe you will want to twiddle your thumbs with me.

On another note my more formal, if that's what you can call it, website:, is no longer available on this series of tubes I call the interwebs. I am working on a new incarnation and as it develops I'll keep you in the dark , well at least until its done, then you can tell me how much better someone else's is. Then I'll change this one to be cooler and then another person will say " oh, but did you see that one," and I'll say ," no, that is cool." Then after checking that one out I'll tell you all of a new project I am working on , only for that one to go live, and then . . . . . . . . . . . .you know. . . . . it will be fun . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .see you then.

Enjoy it here cause I'll be back soon.

03 April 2007

Nude in the 21st Century Show

I am in a show this month, at the Oregon coast, in the lovely city of Astoria. The exhibition is titled The Nude in the 21st Century and will run from April 3rd to April 27th at the art gallery associated with the local college. As you can see my painting also featured on the mailer, along with 4 other artists, to represent the show, which was a nice honor. I know the participants are from 13 different states and four continents, so I'm sure there will be a great diversity of interpretations of the nude figure.
So go enjoy the Oregon coast as the weather gets warmer this spring and drop by the gallery for a look.

(If some of you couldn't tell or are new to the blog, my painting is of the man sitting in the chair, titled "Storyteller.")

25 February 2007

Paper Geisha

Well its good to be back on the blog. I have neglected this thing for awhile and its time to get new stuff posted. My little hiatus has been good. I have, however, been sucked into the "digital darkside" and I started using photoshop to "paint." It's has been a nice switch, as you can change things so much faster as you go and move through a variety of scenarios for each image. I will still be posting oils but those will be nestled in between many kinds of digital work. Since I am just getting back into the groove of the blog I will just post my first digi-painting, since my art school days, and see what everyone thinks.

More art to come . . . at a quicker pace I promise.

The top image is the color scheme I created the geisha in. As I wrapped it up, I felt that it should be monochromatic and a bit weathered, so I generated a variety of color palettes to look at so I could best imbue the geisha with a more appropriate feel. The bottom image was the one I ended up going with.

15 January 2007

First of '07

This is my latest painting. It is oil on canvas like 28"x44". I have grown more and more fond of painting at around this size, and I can move through them with more ease, technically and conceptually. I like areas of total abstraction and of course the figure is my subject most of the time, and there should be areas on the figure that are shapes and colors and, up close, just marks as opposed to being strict representational interpretations. I am trying to align my work with more modern concepts, because that is at the root of what painting should be about, beyond simply the technical brilliance (thanks JOE), it must leave a taste in the mouth of the viewer.

On a related note, with the inception of personal handheld technology to aid artists and its massive development in the last twenty years, I feel oil painting is in a process of finding its place in an art world where anything goes. I certainly feel that with my self and my work as of late, but that is a topic for another day. Oil painting, because of its natural relationships to the past (archaic) and the fact that it has been the dominant medium in art for hundreds of years, will stuggle at times for place and purpose in our ever digitized culture. It is the classic "revolt" against what is perceived as the establishment syndrome, so oil painting is taking a bit of a beating right now. However, I believe it will always maintain its place as one of a number of ways to bring an idea to fruition. Digital media is also quicker ( typically) and that is all apart of our culture as well. Everything instantly and results oriented.

This being said, I really like what artists are doing digitally, envious at times, and that it is one more tool in the box for a creative person to use, which is brilliant. The more possiblities for creativity the greater the spectrum of ideas. At times I feel archaic with oils and at others times exalted, the truth lies somewhere in between.

Thinking people . . . . . . . more people thinking, regardless.

The Joe I am referring to above is a fellow artist who does sumptuos work, go see him at