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03 April 2007

Nude in the 21st Century Show

I am in a show this month, at the Oregon coast, in the lovely city of Astoria. The exhibition is titled The Nude in the 21st Century and will run from April 3rd to April 27th at the art gallery associated with the local college. As you can see my painting also featured on the mailer, along with 4 other artists, to represent the show, which was a nice honor. I know the participants are from 13 different states and four continents, so I'm sure there will be a great diversity of interpretations of the nude figure.
So go enjoy the Oregon coast as the weather gets warmer this spring and drop by the gallery for a look.

(If some of you couldn't tell or are new to the blog, my painting is of the man sitting in the chair, titled "Storyteller.")

1 comment:

andy said...

Cool! It's always nice to see figurative work celebrated and on display, good luck with the exhibition!