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31 October 2006

As creative souls I wanted to invite all of you to go to the homepage of the BBC,, and look to you left on the side bar for a link title 'In Pictures'. Click there and then you will see many options to view images from around the globe. Click on the images from the day, and you will get a small series of daily life photos from around the globe that are absolutely stunning, These photographers are such amazing artists. It brings me a little insight into the world around me like no newspaper article ever could. I am a visual person, and thus I react greater to them then words. It also has a wonderful way of grounding me in my world and feeling connected in a way I never thought possible. The world is only getting smaller, and there is so much wonder out there which by far outways the negativity that is spewn at us US citizens via the corporate run media. Embrace that people, the world is getting smaller and its a good thing, because it all looks pretty brilliant to me. Maybe you will learn something new or realize something you never had before.


27 October 2006

Title: Radiance.
Size: 30"x40" on canvas.

A painting I finished earlier in the year, but I have yet to put it up on my 'official' website at I figured I would show it here, since this is where its, at as of late. The blog is rolling right along. Hope you all are enjoying the images, and please tell a friend who likes art to come check out my work. Greater discourse is always encouraged.

26 October 2006

Here is a very abbreviated look at my process for a painting titled Storyteller, 24"x30" canvas. I often change up my approach for every new painting, and that allows me to adjust to the work as it develops.I talked about "dialogue" in an earlier post and that's why I feel its important that each piece takes on its own character. I have things figured out in my head but its the translation that matters with each piece.

Here I am figuring out composition, light and shadow and have left it monochrome because I am still weighing up how I want to use color. What do I want to leave out or perhaps emphasize is a question I ask myself at this stage.

With this next phase I am just getting a feeling for the space around the figure, setting the stage so to speak. I am finding my color now and I am interested in how it will react on its own and in relation to the figure.

Now its mostly about the figure at this stage. There still is a lot of pushing and pulling to do with the color and their respective values in the entire painting, not just the figure. If you compare it to the final, a post you will see if you scroll down there are differences between the painting at this stage and the final completed version. Albeit they are subtle especially around the face.

As for the meaning and concept of the piece, I leave that up to the viewer. I have my interpretation and understanding and reason behind the art, but it will be different for everyone. If things are ambiguous, great. I am trying to stop someone to think about whats in front of them. The art of painting I'll even admit is a bit antiquated for our modern day, and how everything is digital and instant, but thats why I like it.

This run down of my process is brief, but the creative process is what its all about. Once the things done I usually want it out of my face. Don't get me wrong I like them, they are like my children, but I have learned what I have learned and it is time to move on, with the next idea.

Don't forget the open studio event on November 18th. Here you will get an even better glimpse into my work and the thoughts I have that don't always go on to be completed works.Hope to see you here.

13 October 2006

Open Studio Event

I will be opening up my studio for a a one night showing on NOVEMBER 18th from 6:30 - 9:30 PM. On view will be a few new paintings and tons of smaller studies and sketches, in oil and goauche. I hope to see you here. More details will be announced the closer the date to the show. Any questions email me at or call 971.219.7588.

I'll post a map and official announcement later on, so keep checkin back. Thanks for your support.

Just some sketches today . . . . . . . .

06 October 2006

Free Association Sketching . . . . . . . . always interesting.

04 October 2006

This one is titled "Flight", its 3 x 4 feet, and really gave me a chance to use big brushes and free myself up. I thought of the background as a color field more than anything, with all the focus falling on this hip young woman. Areas of detail (figure) contrast the areas of rest (background), with a few other elements (birds and feathers) to help carry the eyes around the painting, and add a bit more to the narrative.

Is there a narrative? With me of course there is. I find it inescapable when painting people. Ultimately that is why I am drawn to paint people and the human form, it is ever fascinating and of the utmost importance to me.

03 October 2006

A Triptych

I like the idea of putting one thought onto multiple canvases. It creates a narrative you can't get from one painting.

Title: "Theories", Each box canvas is 12"x12" and is 4" deep, so the depth at which they sit off the wall is a part of the presentation as well.