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31 October 2006

As creative souls I wanted to invite all of you to go to the homepage of the BBC,, and look to you left on the side bar for a link title 'In Pictures'. Click there and then you will see many options to view images from around the globe. Click on the images from the day, and you will get a small series of daily life photos from around the globe that are absolutely stunning, These photographers are such amazing artists. It brings me a little insight into the world around me like no newspaper article ever could. I am a visual person, and thus I react greater to them then words. It also has a wonderful way of grounding me in my world and feeling connected in a way I never thought possible. The world is only getting smaller, and there is so much wonder out there which by far outways the negativity that is spewn at us US citizens via the corporate run media. Embrace that people, the world is getting smaller and its a good thing, because it all looks pretty brilliant to me. Maybe you will learn something new or realize something you never had before.


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