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14 January 2011

Oh, Eleven . . .

Well it's the second week of the new year and I am getting back into it. Yeah, it maybe a few weeks into the new year but thats how it goes. I guess if you wanted things on time you'd check the weather updates on your local news channel as they are scheduled every ten minutes.

A few notables to start off 2011.

A little watercolor sketch (below) that was a christmas present for family members. It might have been the only thing I did creatively over my break. The time away was much needed, which is an aspect of living an artistic life that seems to get washed away by the flood of deadlines, by the need to make a living, and by our own compulsion to our craft.

I was contacted by the good people over at Trekell. They are a company in California making quality brushes. After getting a few in the mail, as they don't have retailers throughout the country, I tried them out. I have to say they were very nice to work with and the bristle brushes retained their 'bounce' after multiple uses. They still have a great flex to them a month later.

Although I have been impressed, I'm not here to convince you to run out and buy them. What I will say is that they do work well if you are finding yourself disappointed with your current selection of brushes. They are not paying me anything to say this. It just happens that I have been trying a wide variety of brands looking for a good quality and relatively inexpensive bristle brush. After spending a decent amount of money on brushes over the last couple of years Trekell just hit me at the right time. They also did a nice feature of me on their website this month. There are a few examples of my work and I talk about my crative process. Some of you might find it of interest. At the end I reiterate my opinion on their brushes as described above. Have a look for yourselves and peruse their lines of brushes: Trekell Brushes
Here's a screenshot of their homepage. Check out the image to see what they offer.

I guess that's it for now. So not the most notable but 'postable' perhaps.