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30 June 2008

More not so Still-Lifes

Here are two more pieces that will be in my show in August at the Astoria Fine Arts Gallery.
Both are 12"x12", oil on board.

Over the month of July I will be putting up more and more of the work that will be in the show.
There will be a series of the Life's Not Still paintings and a series of work focusing on urban scenes, but the focus will be on the people not the city.

Come check it out when you are on the coast.

19 June 2008

Venus. . . . .

. . . .of Willendorf. Not all paintings are done for galleries and collectors, sometimes they are just to play with ideas. Some see the light of day others get painted over. . ..

This piece was my way of exploring history and an ancient object, with specific thoughts on how valuable things get lost all the time and rise again to the surface.

I'll be putting up new work that will be in featured in my show in August.

17 June 2008

August Show

I'll be having a show on the coast in conjunction with the workshop I will be teaching in August.
The Astoria Fine Arts Gallery has established itself as a great coastal gallery in a short time and I am excited to work with them.

Opening Night is August 9th from 5pm-9pm. The workshop will be Aug. 9th and 10th.

To sign up for the workshop go to

Asian Pear

Here's another in the Life's Not Still Series. This was the first one I did, not entirely sure why I never put it up. There has been a clear progression, which is good to see.

I just finished a few more still-life's so they will be up soon, plus more genre scenes.

03 June 2008


Here's a new one for June . . .as in June gloom season in Portland. Ok its not all that bad, but we could use a bit of the summer time vitamin D rays.
This one is 24"x36" oil on canvas. What can I say, I like the back of people's heads?!
I am doing a new series of paintings dealing with mostly interiors, public places, focusing on the movement of people and light.

Summer event:

On August 9th and 10th I will be conducting a workshop in Astoria on the Oregon coast.
I'll be focusing on a variety of subjects and methodologies in oil painting, as well as showing my approach. There will be a demo each day and I'll provide instruction and critique on a variety of topics. I will post the schedule and a link on the blog as soon as possible. Sign up will be kept to small number of participants, somewhere between 10-15. If you are interested and would like details please come back and check the blog for more info. Contact/Sign up info will be posted later this week.