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19 June 2010

Full Circle

A page pulled from my sketchbook shows three examples of how I think and what I use a sketchbook for. Looking at other artist's sketches are far more interesting than seeing their finished work. As lovely as it is to see the end result, I want to understand their thoughts before that final stage. It possibly gives me a greater understanding of myself as an artist. Perhaps seeing others and how they do things will unlock more of what I am after; providing knowledge on how I can get there. It is about finding authenticity and trusting my choices. As long as I don't look to a select few artists for inspiration then the chances are it'll never look like someone else. I try to soak up as much media, in all varieties, to inform my process. As with everything I always want to feel like I am learning and that I ever have something "figured out". How boring would that be?!
If you take a look at the lower left sketch, that was my initial idea for a painting, and the final piece below.

Perhaps if I wasn't wrapped up in finalizing everything for this show, and also getting things going for my next one, I might be able to provide better perspective or instructive thought about the development of my process. And now thinking of it, I should have taken photos along the stages of the painting to show where I changed my mind about the design. It's not what I intended originally and that provided far too much deliberating, especially when you think that you have it right. However, I did change the background and value pattern in the piece and everything worked out well. It was one of those times when the painting didn't seem 'right.' I am always working towards changing the painting till it has a certain quality that piques my eye. If it doesn't then I might as well mess it up and try to find the new direction of the piece. Timidity is my enemy, oh and time too.

End result of the piece that it ended up promoting the show on this months issue of American Art Collector. Details of the show are above and on my website
All the new pieces will be on the website next week when the show opens.

10 June 2010

The streets . . . .

. . . .are rough and tough! As many rappers and country music stars have told me. One loses his bling the other loses his dog, which one is more important? hmmm. I'll save that mental dilemma for another day.

Not my streets, these streets are full of wonderful people going about their lives in a orderly fashion as seen in my sketch. Well that sounds quite boring but could be interesting. Whoa, even more to ponder.

I often think about how we travel around emerged in seas of people yet are rafts unto ourselves. Our minds are occupied at the task at hand or really looking towards a projected goal, which is the future. A place that doesn't quite exist but we can almost reach it. Ohh, now that sounds exciting!

So really when we do this we end up living a sort of quasi-present existence and miss the immediate here and now. Why do car accidents happen, beyond shit driving? Well I blame this mental state for a lot of shit driving. Just yesterday, I saw a woman get hit by an SUV in the crosswalk. Not sure who wasn't paying attention, but their immediate existence was being disregarded. Thus the unfortunate event of a human getting tagged by a huge, moving metal object. In the end the woman was a bit shocked but seemed ok. Both looked to be ignoring their immediate existence. The woman moving boldly into the crosswalk unaware that cars move in those lanes and the driver probably thinking about other cars not people; she could have been texting, or looking at her teeth, or maybe she didn't like pedestrians that day. who knows, but I like to think about the possibilities. Only because the woman was ok can I make light of the situation.

I guess thats why I like people watching, but not in that voyeuristic, freaky sort of way, but more as a cultural anthropologist. . . .so with many of these sketches that's what I am exploring. The innate qualities of paint help convey the message by drips, drops, slathers, translucency, etc.

enough snark for your thursday.

06 June 2010

More Studies, Pt. Deux

A few more sketchbook paintings from the vault. As with the ones below roughly 5.5" x 9" and mixed media.
As always contact if interested:

I have a two person show with Charles Williams coming up next month at Robert Lange Studios on July 16th. I'll post more the closer it gets to the opening. I do know that our show preview will be in the July Issue of American Art Collector.
Let's just say I am glad its mid month.

More to Come.

. . . . till later.

01 June 2010

More Studies

Couple more sketchbook paintings. Again an ink drawing, brought to various stages of detail and finish, with gouache painted on top.

As with all of these sketchbook studies, if you are interested in purchasing any of them please contact me at

I thought it was interesting the way this father had hoisted his daughter up on his shoulder and was carrying her around.

Apparently there is a sad panda walking around the streets of New York. . . . . . .its hard to imagine it being sad, so I made mine look more curious.