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06 June 2010

More Studies, Pt. Deux

A few more sketchbook paintings from the vault. As with the ones below roughly 5.5" x 9" and mixed media.
As always contact if interested:

I have a two person show with Charles Williams coming up next month at Robert Lange Studios on July 16th. I'll post more the closer it gets to the opening. I do know that our show preview will be in the July Issue of American Art Collector.
Let's just say I am glad its mid month.

More to Come.

. . . . till later.


joven said...

hi, you have nice blog.. u can view also mine..

Caroline Bray Art said...

I love these studies, especially the palpable nature of the media and mysterious edge to the compositions. I'm very much looking forward to following your work and esp. eeing more of your studies.