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29 September 2010

Post September Show, etc.

I wrapped up my second show of the year (earlier this month) and now its on to bigger and better things. . . ..erm, well, yeah, . . .um . . . . . . . . . . which is? Then the thought " what the hell is that going to be?" floods my brain. I am left in a vacuum after having shows. Do other artists get this? Hopefully. It feels like I worked towards this great conclusion. It's all very exciting and nerve wracking to a certain degree. Then, nothing. The rush is gone. A recuperation period is needed, albeit pretty short, and then onto the next thing. Whatever that is.

Inevitably, I have this image of a man starring into the distance of a far off landscape (see drawing below). Everything is stretched out before him and he has to cover that ground again to reach some place new and exciting. It's all like a modern Sisyphus tale. Except replace a massive rock with canvas, oils and brushes. The hill wouldn't be as steep. Our tale is for artists not fallen demi-gods, yeah, certainly not a steep hill. Ours is more of a gentle slope one would find at a golf course. In the contemporary version we'd reach the top, while Sisyphus never quite manages it. All the while he has vultures that eat at an open wound in his stomach while pushing the rock. Now that I think about, its nothing like this specific mythological tale . . . . . sorry, day dream over. I want to stay as far away from that scenario as possible. Day dream way over!

Also here is a little BW painting, 12"x12" in oils.

till next time world wide webbers.

08 September 2010

Movie time

Little Big Berlin from pilpop on Vimeo.

Sit Back + Relax = Enjoy the Sights and Sounds of Berlin.*

* I would encourage full screen mode for this.