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30 May 2010


A couple of little mixed media paintings pulled from my sketchbook, so around 5"x9". Both are mixed media. Basically a pen sketch with gouache layered in over the top of it. I might be doing paintings of bicyclists because we are bereft of quality bike lanes and really just the infrastructure to bike in North Carolina. I mean hell, we don't even have sidewalks or proper bus stops for folks using something besides a car. Its ridiculous. As if we were fully formed in this life attached to a environmentally destroying, metal object to carry us like a womb for a whole new world we can't wait to destroy. So far BP is doing a good job for all of us who haven't chipped in yet.

hopefully I didn't bum you out.

24 May 2010

It's Personal . . . .

12"x12", oil on birch

A little personal painting, done, just because it had to be done.

Also because zeppelins are cool and they aren't in our daily life, unlike this kid. . . . . . . . and flight is weird, regardless of the means to perform the feat.

Till next time. . . . . . . . . .

10 May 2010

Give and Take, come on people!

Hopefully the title will shock you into action . . . . all for a good cause.

Give and Take: That is the event happening at Artspace this Thursday in downtown Raleigh. There are 25 works for only $25and 50 artists donating work you can pick up for a cool 50 bucks!!!!! Seriously, thats a steal. Instead of paying for the art its like you're stealing it. There will also be 5 works auctioned off.

All of this is for scholarships to give local youth the chance to attend arts education classes this summer. I'll be teaching two classes so hopefully the proceeds can bring a few more deserving kids into the classroom. I hear its a bit crazy and the paintings fly off the walls and into the hands of the fortunate early arrivers. (Is arrivers even a word?!) The US educational system does not offer enough for creative thinkers focusing on the arts, so these programs are huge for aspiring young artists.

201 East Davie
Raleigh, NC 27603

Thursday, May 13th, 7-11pm
Tickets at the door.

Below is my donation to the event:
Eclipse, 12"x12", oil on panel.

Preview the artwork here