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25 February 2007

Paper Geisha

Well its good to be back on the blog. I have neglected this thing for awhile and its time to get new stuff posted. My little hiatus has been good. I have, however, been sucked into the "digital darkside" and I started using photoshop to "paint." It's has been a nice switch, as you can change things so much faster as you go and move through a variety of scenarios for each image. I will still be posting oils but those will be nestled in between many kinds of digital work. Since I am just getting back into the groove of the blog I will just post my first digi-painting, since my art school days, and see what everyone thinks.

More art to come . . . at a quicker pace I promise.

The top image is the color scheme I created the geisha in. As I wrapped it up, I felt that it should be monochromatic and a bit weathered, so I generated a variety of color palettes to look at so I could best imbue the geisha with a more appropriate feel. The bottom image was the one I ended up going with.