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15 October 2007

October Show

I have a three man exhibition up this month at the Lawrence Gallery in Portland, with two of my good friends, Mark Bailey and Terence Gasca. We all had ten paintings on display and overall it was a really good show.
Here is the work I have on display minus one that was a work in progress, I hope to get it up soon, but for now the most important things are the paintings. The blah blah blah about the event will come later.

'Geisha Portrait Traditional' 12"x12"

'Geisha Portrait I' 12"x12"

'Geisha Portrait II' 11"x14"

'Geisha Profile' 16"x20"


C.B. Canga said...

these are great josh.

hope alls is well.

daneiel derossi said...

thanks for your informations!!
keep posting and happy blogging!