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11 May 2011


Here's a process breakdown of a painting for my upcoming show at Robert Lange Studios in Charleston,SC.
Opening night is June 3rd. Still working on getting the last few pieces completed.

- Quick vine charcoal sketch:

- I pour out shellac over the sketch and smooth it around with a business card or squeegee. It doesn't need to be one perfect layer. The varied drying times in different sections of shellac adds a varied layer of texture and opacity. This stage mimics the traditional layer of glaze one might use with oils without the drying time. The shellac is dry in 10 minutes or less. It also blurs and smudges the charcoal drawing underneath in a spontaneous manner. That sense of spontaneity is exciting and the results can't be totally controlled. I like that.

- Then the oil painting caps off the piece. As with any of my works there are multiple layers of paint built up. That furthering layering of paint also has its own narrative in addition to the subject matter. Sort of a bad photo with this last stage.

As Yet Untitled , Oil, Illustration Board mounted on panel, 15"x10"

I do read the comments when they are left on the blog. I apologize if I haven't thanked those of you for dropping in recently. I always like to hear how others react to my work. So a massive thank you to those who left a message.

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Thanks so much for sharing the process. I may have a "play" with your technique (just for my sketchbook) when I've finished my various online challenges

Best wishes for your exhibition