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02 May 2011

Docs and Pods

If you are like me and need something to listen to in the studio as background noise, while working on your painting, these couple of links could provide just the tonic.

A slew of art documentaries covering all genres and time periods in art history. I'd recommend anything by Simon Schama and also The Art Of The Steal, which is getting press lately as events continue to unfold. You'll know what I mean when you watch the doc. Many more in the list to pique your interest I'm sure. New favorite site.

Streaming Online Art Documentaries

I'm also very interested in hearing about the narrative of an artists life but get bored with critics or writers telling these stories. I want to hear from the artists and get it right from the horses mouth, so to speak. Often these artists were doing representational work in the height of modernism in the 50's and 60's and experienced real rejection by the art world. The Newington-Cropsey Cultural Studies Center was established in 1990 by The Newington-Cropsey Foundation as an interdisciplinary educational resource for art and ideas. It put out this series of podcasts, following the link below.

NCCSC Podcasts
(Be aware that not all podcasts listed after the jump are available in iTunes. So, right click and highlight 'download linked file' to your listen on your CPU or just click the 'listen' link and you will be directed to an online player. Mac users use the option button.)

Although a podcast hasn't been done for a year, there are a nice collection of hour long (roughly) conversations with artists. A few highlights would be Milton Glaser, Burt Silverman and William Bailey who is the Kingman Brewster Professor Emeritus of Art at Yale. Certainly a few luminaries in the representational world of art. Quite frankly I didn't know much about some of these artists but I guess you can never know everything, unless you are Donald Trump.

If you want to hear a 45 minute discussion from the living master that is Antonio Lopez Garcia head over to The American Video Painting Magazine. It may cost a few bucks, $10 exactly, but you get his interview and another hour or so of painting content.

AVPM Downloads

I'll leave you with a new painting for my upcoming June Show at Robert Lange Studios.

Dusk's Gold Filigree, 36"x18", oil on panel.


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