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09 June 2011

Solo Show Coverage

Here are a set of pics from the opening of the show. Since I don't have a smart phone, like the rest of the world, or have a Facebook page, like the rest of the world, or use Flickr, like whomever, I put them on the blog. Lacking all of this stuff means I couldn't post images as the event was happening. I know we are all so use to the 25 hour news cycle and everything on demand and instant food but its not in the Studioflint's budget, both time and money, to get my media outlets modernized, yet. Maybe at our next board meeting we can discuss these upgrades and have them in place for the fall. Woo hoo, exciting times coming ahead.

Anyhow, enjoy the pics and thanks for dropping by.


To explain a few things:
- The small gouache (opaque watercolor) paintings are the ones clustered together and framed behind glass. I usually have a set of smaller works that provide a wide range of subject matter.
- At the end of the night artists sign the door; so me and the two musicians etched our names next to many other talented individuals.
- I'm laughing because its 95 and humid and I am melting towards the end. Oh we suffer for fashion, its not just you ladies.

(All photos courtesy of Robert Lange Studios. There are many more covering the show on their website:
Show is over and its on to the next paintings/shows and back to the studio. I'll leave you with an imaginary head painting/ experiment. The head is oil on paper.

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