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16 September 2008

Children's Cancer Association

I was asked to contribute a piece of art for a fundraising event put on yearly by the Children's Cancer Association. First off, I was flattered to be recommended as an artist for the event, and excited to be contributing in any way possible to a terrific cause. The theme for the event was Magic Carpet Ride. My work isn't a direct correlation to this theme but alludes to the creativity that children have in abundance. I think getting lost in one's imagination can have therapeutic qualities and are of great use when faced with difficult times. I used my niece as a model for the image and I think it turned out nicely for me. Hopefully, it will help contribute to the much needed funding to provide for these children and their families.
Some of the drawings are hers and I added one in as well, plus I scribbled in the CCA logo which I felt went with my idea.
This is oil on board and 18"x24" in size.

And framed:

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