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06 September 2008

New Stuff

Apercu Series:

I have always been drawn to train stations, by the comings and goings. Peoples lives intersecting but never touching. Everyone using the station as a temporary portal to their eventual destination. A state of impermanence. A transitory phase. A dot in a string of dots that forms our path, everyday. We see glimpses, blurs, and snapshots of these commuters, travelers, and passengers. Everyone is in motion, constant motion.
Grand Central Station in New York is a vast chamber that oozes a sense of history. 500,000 people go through Grand Central everyday. It is a place that marks a persons path not the destination. The immensity of this cavernous room keeps the air heavy and the light dim. As if it is swallowing up the light that is trying to bring clarity to the passengers. That is, until they cross the shafts of light cascading from the ceiling. These beams create a striking contrast to the surroundings. Everyone gets a chance to be illuminated, much like life, as they traverse this enormous building. Even if it is for a brief glimpse.

*Apercu | aper soo |
A comment or brief reference that makes an illuminating or entertaining point.

Hurrying Home_24'x30"_oil on canvas

Like someone caught in prayer_22"x28"_oil on canvas

Remember me as a time of day_16"x20"_oil on board

The grand entrance_12"x16"_oil on board

Life floods the concourse_12"x16"_oil on board

These are some of the paintings I recently displayed at a solo show at the Astoria Fine Arts Gallery. This isn't the entire series, and I have two more pantings from the exhibition that I will post later next week, plus a few others I am still working on. In addition to this set, I also displayed the Life's Not Still Series which I had previously posted.

In the last month or so I have had two shows, one solo and one group exhibition, in two different cities. I have run a workshop in conjunction with the first solo show. I have contributed to a fundraiser and will be donating a painting to the Children's Cancer Association next week. So all in all it's been wildly hectic. I will add details of these events soon.

Thanks for checking in! More news and events to follow.

1 comment:

C.B. Canga said...

these are freaking awesome. the best work i've seen you do to this date.

love the lighting and sense of motion. looks like you have been playing around with motion. i saw you incorporate it in the fruits. i really like the direction these paintings are going in. they have a dream like quality. i love that about them.

these are amazing my friend. keep it up. looking forward to seeing more.

are you still in oregon? or did you move to ny? drop me a line some time, i would love to hear what you've been up too...