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19 September 2008

More "New" NY Paintings

Dreams of Near and Far_24"x24"

Although most of this series focuses on movement and the quality of light, the top painting certainly has more of a story to it than the others. So far the palette I have used throughout this collection of work has been a totally new range of color and color combinations, and might be what's excited me the most. The painting below is the largest in the series to date.

New York in April_30"x40"


goRan said...

Its been a while my old friend. I really like the new work, I like how you captured the light. Cheers to many happy paint sessions!

C.B. Canga said...

freaking awesome. love your new pieces. this is a great direction for you. keep it up.

ta.ra said...

i would seriously eat off the floor of this painting. it's
absolutely stunning.

Tara M. Taylor said...

i would eat off the floor of this painting. it is absolutely stunning.