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14 March 2008

Nouvelles Peintures

A little still-life, 16"X20" on gessobord™. It was nice to work from life and deal with changing lighting conditions. I had to work with a sunset over the course of two evenings, then finish it from memory. The chinese horse is a two hundred year old replica of a thousand year old original. Whoa! I lugged this 30 lb. thing all the way back from Shanghai. It was an unbelievable gift from a great family who I befriended on my trip. If they happen upon the blog I want to say thank you again for the gift. It is a proud reminder of travel, friendship, and ancient art. The flowers are Camelias, from a truly lovely woman's garden. The hand carved wooden chess pieces are from a set I bought when Kracow, Poland years ago. Sort of an international flair to this painting.

As for the old man painting, which is also 16"x20" on gessobord™. I have continued my theme of little genres scenes from my China trip from a few years ago. There are bird sellers/owners who take their birds to market or take them out to the parks each day. They carry them one on each end of a stick. I envisioned this old man from the outskirts plodding into a more urban area. Really more of a vignette, as opposed to an entire scene. This painting has some parts invented, others from memory, all rolled together with my reference. These genre scenes let me connect to a world wholly different from mine and it allows me to reflect on my existence and what I am doing here, in Portland. Perhaps in a way I wouldn't have otherwise.

Thoughts are always welcome. Keep checking in for more work. There will be other visual ideas on here besides the fine art. I am working on a line of illustration based t-shirts with a friend and will post the original illustrations on here in the near future. Then later on the designs as they appear on the tees. Plus other random imagery.

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