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03 July 2009

Artists Who Teach

As an artist who teaches I have been asked to be included in a resource for individuals looking for art instruction.

The website provides a huge database of artists who give back through teaching at some level, whether its workshops, private institutions, seminars, or universities.

Go have a look at see if there is an artist who lives near you that could be a valuable resource.

I have had many great teachers and just other creative individuals that were willing to put up with my badgering them for art critique and instruction. So I figure I can pass on whatever miniscule art ability I have got, if it could be helpful.

I think I need to go back and hit up this website because I saw some truly impressive artists on the roster.

And please drop Leighann Foster a line and tell her thank you for creating such a unique resource. Besides teaching there are other helpful links as well.

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