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21 July 2009

New Paintings

I have added 8 new images to my urban scenes gallery on my website and 2 new images to the still-life gallery. All were a part of my recent one man show at the Cole Gallery.

The above is one of the new paintings titled "Freeze Frame" , 18"x24" oils.

Go have a gander:

I am in the process of packing up to move across the country to Raleigh, North Carolina.
So posts will be slow, but, hey, you all are use to that. . . as I have neglected this little blog recently.

Maybe I can get a post up before I drive out on Aug. 1st.

If any of you have thoughts on this part of North Carolina send them my way, I'd love to know what I am stepping into besides wicked humidity.

Till next time.


Janet Belich said...

Hello Joshua !
I used to live in Raleigh and still have wonderful friends there. Yes, it's humid but you get all four seasons,( Spring and Fall extra long ). There are times and places that display "culture shock " but one learns a lot by experiencing new things. Where in Raleigh will you be moving ? What else can I tell you? We lived near Cary, west of Raleigh. Nice town but I understand it has mushroomed in size. Good luck to you! Love your work!

Lindsay Wolff Logsdon said...

Hey Josh,

If you need to drop off some paintings in Austin on your way, let us know! :) We've got a guest room and a map of all the best Mexican food in town...

Safe Travels,


Connie said...

You are definitely going to some wicked humidity! However, NC is a good place to live, I think. (I live in Charlotte.) You are close to the mountains and to the ocean. Perhaps you will do a painting workshop in the state, and that would be wonderful. Best wishes for your move.