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09 March 2011

Scooter and such . . .

As with last years show at Robert Lange Studios, I'll be showcasing a number of new urban paintings in color and monochrome palettes. In addition, I'll have a good bunch of gouache and oil studies. The subject matter and approach to the ideas are wildly varying. Here is part of them hangin on a wall in the studio. Not all are quite done. Even with these smaller (8" x 6" each for most) they still require me to get the idea out as best as I can, leave them for awhile, and then follow up with the final elements. A process very similar to a more involved oil painting. Most are done ( in the image below) but there are a few tweaks to some of them until they are ready for display. With all gouache paintings they'll be framed and matted with glass.

Here is a painting recently pulled off the easel, 12" x 12", oil on panel.

Lastly, the horse from the few previous posts needs a couple touch ups and then I'll post the final version.

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Bemnet said...

Dude! I want this one!