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15 December 2006

We have had some great storms roll through the Northwest this week and watching them unfold on the city has been inspiring. My studio looks right across the Willametter River that splits Portland in two, giving me a sweet view of Downtown and the West Hills. As these big storms roll over the hill and unleash their fury, I have a front row view to these massive cloudbanks. They remind me of how little we are in this world and that we should do what makes us happy, daily.

However, this morning was clear and this was the scene that greeted me. Pretty stunning. Now that should give you your fill of Oregon today. This is the first installment of my new series titled "This Day in Oregon." Plenty more to come considering this is part one of my 3500 part series of "This Day in Oregon." Won't you join me for the other installments.

1 comment:

heatherfeather said...

I thought that building was on fire. Looking forward to seeing the O through your eyes 3499 more times.