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11 March 2009

Steel Bridge, PDX

Steel Bridge, 36" x 72"

After much ado, and neglecting my blog, I need to get this commission painting up, now that it's done.
I had a great time with the piece and feel the overall intention that the client and I were going for, came out in the final painting. I had the liberty to stylize certain areas, like the cityscape. Since the scene is largely made up, this only added to the enjoyment in doing the final, as I didn't have any strict guidelines governed by the reality of the scene.


(I've also notice that images become less saturated and less colorful when posted on Blogger, anyone else have this problem? Let me know if you have that same issue.)

1 comment:

C.B. Canga said...

these are amazing my friend.

long time no hear or see...