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04 June 2009

Empty Easel Article

There is an article about my work on a great website called Empty Easel. I really enjoyed the author's breakdown of my edge control in a painting. Although she says I make it look easy it is anything but the case, especially when I am in the middle of a painting. I fret constantly over edges, in a constant push and pull between crisp and soft, while wearing a path in the studio floor, as I look at them from distance.

There is also a peak at a few new paintings for my one man show next month in the article as well.

Sorry! The link is now working. It's the only place to see a few new paintings, at least until the show gets nearer.


ana said...

I am absolutely taken by the way you've captured Grand Central Station. Perhaps but maybe not, being a new yorker gives me an appreciation of grand central that goes beyond the architecture, it is a "holy" place where magic happens.

Thank you!

Joshua Flint said...

Thank you Ana.
I felt that same 'magic,' that's for sure.
It has been a catalyst of sorts for me.

Portrait Painting By Johanna Spinks said...

really enjoyed your site and blog. great work