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13 October 2009

It's been too loooooooooooooooooong . . . . .

The new studio is up and running which has given me the space to paint, paint, paint. I had to dive right in on three commissions that collectors up in the PNW were waiting on.

Here is the first. It is oil on board at 8"x24". The long vertical format was a challenge. To fit the differing elements in there to make it feel like a real place in Grand Central I had to tweak things. As I have progressed through this series I have come to prefer changing, exaggerating, and faking the interior architectural layout. If you visit the station you will be able to tell that I move things as needed to fit my idea, first, and the design, second, or is it the other way around. Hmm.

I have settled quite nicely into my new southern lifestyle, and there will be more paintings coming soon.

Plus I will put up on the blog something real soon about purchasing sketches and small watercolors for a project that is in the works. They will be cheap and have plenty of variety in subject matter. More to follow.


C.B. Canga said...

awesome as always my friend. long time no see. miss ya man.

Joshua said...

Chris, where have you been I have been trying to reach you.

I looked through your website and blog for your most recent book illustrations. . . . .
I was blown away. They look really thoughtful and polished.

Get ahold of me.