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24 February 2010

Side Project

Here is a watercolor I have been doing for a side project. Don;t get me wrong this isn't the only one, there's more. Nor does it consist of just dogs or animals. My subject matter is really wide open. Since its my own endeavor I like the idea of just doing whatever is topical. A big source of inspiration is the BBC and looking through the worlds news through images. As a visual artist it makes sense to me to. These photographers are heroic especially when they put themselves in a war torn area to capture a great shot, while I sit behind an easel and would prefer to make it up. Its not all just covering the hot spots around the world, they also get to witness some of the most interesting people and places. Two sides to the same coin that fascinate me. This one however is closer to home.

Here is an example where life imitates art or is it the other way around? I did this little study not knowing I was going to soon own a very similarly looking puppy. This is my three and a half month old english bulldog Talulah. Its like raising an alien baby. I'll try not to turn out to be one of these freaky dog owners who talks about them incessantly. However, I will say she has been kicking my ass with her special needs. Seriously though look at her, she oozes cute. If she didn't, I would have put her on eBay by now.

I kid.


mark bailey said...

Put her on Ebay, I will buy her.

Jennifer said...

i love her.