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28 October 2010

I will never neglect you again . . . .

. . . and I mean it this time, Blog. But I don't. I can't make promises to computer devices.

'Compassed By Night', I'm only 7" x 5" oh so small, painted on board. . . . . .with love and a little violence.


The dust will be knocked off this thing and it'll be rolling out more before you know it. So grab some popcorn and a bevie, go look at something amazing (if you need suggestions leave em in the comment section) and then return . . . to . . . . be . . . underwhelmed. .. .um, is that even a word. It's not. See, we are still working the kinks out of this side of the internet.


Erika Lee Sears said...

I like the unpredictability/looseness of some of the highlighted strokes.

So lame to have a buggy internet. Mine is always bad in the evening because of the amount of users on the T1.

helen said...

Nice painting- I know what you mean about blogs...they just take up your time!