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01 February 2011

Men with Swords

Hey February, how did you get here so fast?! I do not know and don't want to ask. Anyways, onward we forge into 2011 and new paintings.

'Men with Swords' could be an apt title to this small set of paintings, but it isn't. They each have their own titles and are tied together in concept and not necessarily in arrangement. The square(middle) one is only 10"x10" with the other two paintings measuring 7"x5".

Changeless Witness

Their size was an important aspect of the initial idea. All of these statues are located in civic or communal spaces. They were made at life-size or over life-size, adding to their significance to their respective cultures. As with many figure-based landmarks their likenesses are often glorified, making them not (entirely) accurate representations of their originator. My concern wasn't necessarily with their individual identities in the first place, it had to do with altering our interaction with the imagery.

Many Lifetimes

By translating them to paint they've become private, personal encounters and no longer exist in a public forum. On top of this notion, the canvas size has stripped them of their monumental scale, creating an intimate experience. This 'forced' intimacy is what I enjoy most about the pieces. When viewing them one can't get around the size and they'll draw the viewer in closer. As opposed to standing back like one would do outdoors with sculpture.

New Courage

Of course, that is more easily experienced in person and not on the web.
Thanks for checking in. . . more soon.


Sasha said...

Yes I receive the paintings and I am satisfied with the quality.
Oil Painting Reproductions

Gavin said...

loving these stoic figures, they seem to make fine studies.

Carl said...

I loved the "New Courage" painting so much, I just purchased it! Not my first painting of yours, and I'm sure it won't be my last. I find your series on buildings also incredible.