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03 January 2012

Out with 2011

and in with 2012.

A couple of small paintings that were laying around the studio. I figured I would finish them before the end of the year. So now as I build towards my one man show I will be putting up more process laden posts versus final images, at least for a month or two. That doesn't mean I won't post any paintings but not the ones that will be used for promotion and will need to be under wraps till early March-ish.

To this point I think with the internet age of sharing everything via multimedia sites and virtual friends its important as a creative to hold some things back. Keep them to you and only you as you think through them and not have others see or give feedback till you are ready. Furthering that thought, for most painters the creative process is often a private intimate thing that has become more and more public with online demos, blogs, and ateliers in abundance. All of which I am appreciative of and find very interesting. However, retaining some of that inward reflection on your work as a painter is crucial for honest development. Take it for what you will in this new year.

Future Memory - 15" x 10" - oil on illustration board mounted on panel

Silent Cities - 12" x 12" - oil on panel

The Language of Weather - 5" x 7" - oil on panel

Thank you all who follow this little blog here and leave comments. I am quite terrible at responding to them on the blog. If you prefer to send an email versus a comment I'll always get back to you.