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22 September 2006

As intended the original idea behind my blog was to show a "behind the scenes" sort of look at my creative process. There is a tremendous amount of things I am usually working on that never get seen. It is only the final finished oil paintings that typically make it to the galleries. I often feel these small studies have much more feeling because of the immediacy of their creation. I can carry that initial impulse all the way through till its done, since most are completed in one sitting. However, today and for the next couple of days I am going to be posting the bigger more "polished" paintings. Since I don't have these up on my website I figured I would give you all a chance to have a first look.

This first one, is a 30"x40" painting titled "Mind Games". There are outdoor chess tables located downtown at Pioneer Square, which is the subject of this piece. I took it as a vignette and abstracted the background so the players were on a stage of sorts. I also divided the painting in two, potentially cardinal sin when designing a composition, but regardless I think I made it work.


william wray said...

Nice, very stark, the color change and body language really separates them visually and emotionally well. Titles?" Separated" or "No Communication..."

obat asam urat said...

Buen artículo, estoy muy interesado en tu artículo .. gracias por compartir