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05 September 2006

A couple of studies today dealing with the female form and features.

The first image is just challenging what I know from memory, just a small thing maybe 5"x7".I liked the sudbdued quality to it.

In the second painting (oil on board 6"x10") I am exploring the difference between a warm red, a cool red, and a muted red earth tone, in this case asphaltum. Each mixed with white. I was really looking at the color relationships that exist when playing a warm and cool color off of one another. Even though it seems like I know what would happen, or how to use it for a desired "feel", you gotta just experiment to truly find out. So I found out. I can see myself using more limited palettes along these lines to do larger finished works.

Check back soon,I am going to be posting the stages of a larger painting, and of course the final.
As I expand on my blog, which is an excuse just to let me rant about art, and filter through all the things that come my way creatively, I will discuss more and more topics at length. As always your thoughts are welcomed. If you have any ideas about certain aspects to discuss let me know. We can address them here. The more we share thoughts . . . . .the better everyone can become.

till next time.

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