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15 November 2006

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to give you an idea of the type of work that will be on display at my OPEN STUDIO EXHIBITION this Saturday evening, from 6:30-9:30pm. These works are my studies and sketches that I do on a regular basis. Each one lets me work with ideas and concepts that I am exploring. Some move on to become finished paintings while some only reach this preliminary stage. I really enjoy moving through an idea (fairly) quickly and often times these spontaneous works, I think, are better than a final painting. There is an immediacy that can't be replicated in a larger work, and that kind of honest application is what creativity is all about. So I do consider these paintings and drawings little gems.

I will be posting all of them soon, and they will be made available to purchase online after the opening on Saturday Nov. 18th. If you would like information about pricing get a hold of me via email at or call 971.219.7588. Each piece is framed with archival materials in the style displayed in the above image. I will list sizes when I post them all later but most are from 8"x10" to 14"x18", in that range at varying sizes. I am using gouache mostly but some are mixed media.

Hope to see you all here.

STUDIOFLINT: 17 SE 3rd Avenue, Suite #312, Portland, Oregon. Right by the eastside of the Burnside bridge.

Joshua Flint

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