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06 January 2009

Apercu #15

Between These Hands_20"x8"

Here is the latest from an ongoing series on New York's Grand Central, in case some of you haven't seen the blog before, which is probably either a ton of people who check out the blog, that I don't know about, or no one at all. So there you go, maybe in between. I really like a panoramic format when I paint whether its horizontal or with this painting a vertical. I have been working on a lot of smaller works in the last month. Maybe a few will be a larger painting. Just searching in general, as I need to see what works well or doesn't without the commitment.
I do have a grouping of larger paintings I am planning but right now I am wrapped up in a commission for a local collector. If I get the go ahead from him I'll put up the preliminary work in the coming days.

Also I know the blog here has been neglected at times, but no more! It is a new year and thus I have a new commitment (which I'll end up breaking, as that's the way these things work) to post about my art but also about other subjects that I really enjoy or not.

Some new year randomness to start it all off.

Music I have been listening to, to help reach my creative levels:

Steven Marley: Mind Control Acoustic Set.
Quite possibly the greatest reggae album put out in the last thirty years since his dad, the venerable Bob. Mind blowing.

Whitest Boy Alive:Dreams
Excellent euro pop from Berlin (blended with some 80's ska?) Totally brightens your day, if its raining, like now in P Town.

Milosh: III
Electronica with vocals and heavy beats(no really it totally works). Thoughtful, insightful, dreamlike.

Give em a shot cause you might like something new.

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