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23 November 2009

100th Post!

Hi, to those that check in on this blog.

I have reached a milestone of sorts with my 100th post. When I set out to do this side project I figured it would fizzle out as I neglected it here and there. It seems like the internets, which as we all know is a series of tubes, has benefitted from me moving across the country. Since I have loads of time, as I am not out with friends and family, I sit here and plot my art world takeover. (To see my plan look down a few posts and it will all unfold, although there are already many contemporary artists who thought of it before me. Ummm, uh, I guess its genius?! Not working as of yet.) I would normally be putting up various sketches but I am having scanner issues. I just want my old one back, sadly I doubt that will happen.

In lieu of not posting any art as of late I am am going to offer up what I have left of a few prints for cheap.

Each giclee print is on archival paper and measures around 8.5" x 10.5". They were printed by Pearl Printing in Portland, OR, where they do all kinds of great fine art reproductions. Each is an edition of five and they won't be reproduced.

Since I don't have a fancy pay pal account you'll have to email me if you want any of these. That may change but as of now I am doing it on a little more personal level. I will send them out promptly. Just email me your mailing address and I will do likewise.

Here is what I have left:

Hurrying Home: 1 LEFT

Like Someone Caught In Prayer: 2 LEFT

Life Floods The Concourse: 2 LEFT

The Grand Entrance: 1 LEFT

Each one is only $10 dollars and $5 for shipping. If you want all four it will cost you $50. There are just two sets of all four available. I'll be off for a few days on holiday and will get back to anyone who emails me early next week.

Email me at

Thank you and have a happy Turkey Day or Tofurky Day, whatever fits your taste buds!


One set gone!
I am only able to make one more set of prints, so if you want all four get ahold of me. As you will notice above, there is one print left for The Grand Entrance and Hurrying Home. They are all signed and number on the back, which I forgot to post earlier.

happy internetting!


Nicolas P. Villarreal said...

Beautiful paintings Joshua!...are you planning in visiting SF soon?


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Sedat Kurtulus said...

Great Job !