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04 November 2009

New Representation

As another month seems to fly by, and the Fall gives way to Winter, I have been getting a few new paintings prepped for two new galleries that will represent my work.

I am happy to have my paintings in The Peterson-Cody Gallery in Santa Fe,NM.

The Peterson- Cody Gallery, LLC specializes in fine contemporary realism.

At any given time, the Gallery represents the work of 25- 30 high quality North American artists working in a variety of media including oil, acrylic, gouache, pastel, bronze and hand-forged steel.

It is nice to be working with the great folks at The Peterson Cody Gallery. I will be participating in a series of shows through 2010 and will be detailing those here on the blog.


In Raleigh, I will have new still-life paintings this month at Adam Cave Fine Art.

Adam Cave Fine Art is an exhibition gallery representing a select group of regional and nationally known painters, printmakers & photographers. His approach to keeping a tight-knit group of artists with a diverse subject matter (and mediums) should always be fresh and interesting. I feel it is important to play an active role in my 'new,' local Arts community and I am glad I will get a chance to show my work in Downtown Raleigh.


I thought this blog was to show the inner mechanisms of my creative process and the art I wouldn't put on the website?
Sadly, I have to inform you that that is false. All I am going to do is put on news bulletins. . . . the art will cease to exist as I constantly tell the Internets about my events taking place. Which will actually become my new form of 'conceptual' art. I won't actually use oil paint let alone produce a tangible object. I'll become a celebrity artist and have other people paint my work. Then take credit for it.

So, check back and see what my new "staff members" crank out for me, while I fly around the world and have one man shows in Shanghai, London, and New York all at the same time!


Erin said...

Congrats on the new venues! Being a Tennessean, I've got a chance at getting to Raleigh. I look forward to seeing your work in person sometime.

(btw, your gallery links have one too many http:// - take one out, and they'll work great)

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