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14 January 2010

A Disaster . . . .

or new goodness. Not sure on this one.

I figured I would post a total disaster with some positives coming out of it.

It certainly is a one of those paintings I started, put down, and then started a different painting on top of that one, but ended abandoning this new effort as well. The second attempt did have a nice compositional relationship to the first, and I felt it could add to the piece. However, that wasn't the outcome and I pretty much tossed it aside. Since I didn't care about what happened to the front of the image I have been using the canvas as a support for other smaller paintings. The marks have been made at random and seem to breathe new life into the work, demanding my attention, whereas before I had no reaction. It seems to have attained a level of dreamlike quality that I was never able to produce in the original two ideas. Funny enough I like it now more than ever. Still I have no plans on sending it to any of the galleries that represent me. One of those open studios scores if someone has an interest in it.

Lastly a quick plead for your knowledge. If any one knows how to do a time elapsed thing with jpegs, much like a slideshow, please send me a link. I'm sure there is some fancy software out there to do it for me, but I'd rather not go down that route. Since I often take pictures of my paintings at various points in their development, I wanted to continue posting those here as slideshows.
Thanks for stopping in.

New paintings will be up later in the week in coordination with two group shows in February.


Janet Belich said...

Hi Josh, I think if you go to "customize" ( above your heading ), there is a new "gadget" you can add for a slide show. I haven't used it but noticed it the other day. Can't wait to see what you are doing. How's life in Raleigh ?

teetaylor7 said...

i love this josh. i like that every time you look at it, you see something different. stop tossing things out!